Work with Sport’s franchises as in the front office or assistance coaching


Assist and lead in various departments within non-profit organizations


Assist on building and developing leadership teams and organization within churches and other businesses




DCC的老师关心你知道什么,你会成为什么. 1:10的教授/学生比例可以让他们了解你这个人.


教授 seek to go beyond the classroom to help you understand your calling and to prepare you for it. 有些教师是全职的,有些是兼职的, 把他们的实地经验带进DCC的课堂.


DCC教育和指导人们成为领导者, including concentrations in leadership and mentors who lead in their field.


我们专注于领导力发展. We want our students to graduate with a humble servant’s heart ready to assume leadership roles in their church, 社区, 和职业. All students are provided opportunities to engage with faculty and professionals who challenge them to explore their unique gifts so they can realize their full potential. 文化能力等课程, 一些实习课程, and internships give students real-world experience with feedback on how they can be effective leaders.

指导 & 网络

学生 are mentored by peers and professionals as well as learning to be mentors.


This unique program allows students to receive and provide mentorship – both internally and externally – every year at Dallas Christian. Community leaders pour into students’ lives, resulting in personal and professional development.

你好 & 欢迎

我是博士. 拉里•汤普森, 业务部主任, 我很高兴你们能考虑uedbet. I enjoy DCC because the culture allows everyone the freedom to be their real self in Christ. 营业部是DCC最大的部门, 开设工商管理课程 & 伦理,人力资源,体育管理和领导力.

领导力是DCC的特色. The leadership concentration provides six leadership courses enabling graduates to become standouts with their future employers. 世界迫切需要好的领导人, and DCC graduates from this concentration will acquire the leadership skills and abilities to stand out in any organization.

The DCC business department guides learners to complete and to advance their individual personal development. 这很重要, because real-world companies today spend less than 10% of their resources on developing others. So, knowing how to achieve self-development is key for future employees and business owners.

那么,你还在等什么? 爬上!!!

Dr. 拉里•汤普森 | lthompson@shadowchronicles.net



工商管理 & 道德

This concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge that enables graduates with the real world business application and principles that are necessary to operate in any business environment, utilizing a Christian Ethic’s perspective that will propel graduates into success which separates them from the ordinary business person.



This concentration provides students with more than the basic knowledge of leadership. It offers a total understanding including the difference between leadership and management. 获得该学位的学生毕业后将获得不止一个学位, but will themselves become transformation agents that lead to positive change for themselves and all in which they associate and encounter.



Provides students with an holistic view and concept of the sports world ranging from international sports to marketing and communications at the highest levels in all of sport venues. This 体育管理 approach will help shape and guide graduate in a broad view of the sport’s management world assisting them in their long-term career guidance and growth.


Degree completion is a special degree category that allows you to finish a bachelor’s degree with a 圣经 minor rather than a 圣经 major. 在学时方面,这意味着18小时vs. 30 hours—saving you about a semester as well as the cost of those 12 extra hours. 更快更便宜. If you qualify and need to get done as quickly as possible, degree completion is your best plan.



A 圣经 major or minor is one of the best possible ways to prepare a person for the workplace and the current world. Surveys indicate that one of the key skills employers look for in employees is critical thinking. Studying the 圣经 builds critical thinking skills and encourages clear articulation of thought through writing—another skill for which employers are looking. Studying Scripture is also foundational to answering questions about who you are and what you were created to do. 回答这样的问题可以帮助学生建立他们的世界观. 才能领导当今世界, current and future leaders must know important truths such as “God created us in His image” and how to apply those truths as the world continues to change. DCC毕业生准备好成为领导者.

每个专业需要120个学时才能毕业. Be sure to click on the course details button next to the concentration you are interested in to see all the courses you will need to graduate.
Academic Honors scholars receive up to $15,000 per year toward tuition, room, and board. The scholarship includes all forms of DCC awards for which the student is eligible. At DCC we want to honor students who are committed to becoming servant leaders who will make a positive difference in the world in whatever career they choose. This scholarship is to honor those with solid grades and servant hearts who want to lead. Recipients are expected to be actively engaged as student leaders within the department awarding the scholarship and to demonstrate Christlike character in the DCC 社区. | 了解更多